5 Best Tips For Winter Runners

Winter can be a difficult time for runners. The severity of the weather compels many of us to take a break. Many runners just jump on the treadmill instead of venturing out. However, in case of some avid runners, they will simply move out, irrespective of the snow and ice.

How To Run Smart In Winter:

Running can be fun when you have all the protection so that you do not injure yourself or get sick. Here are some quick tips.

  1. Stay Covered – As the temperature gets freezing, your cold gear should always be with you. Cover your mouth and nose with a scarf or a facemask or else air might just enter your lungs and just freeze there. Ice crystals might form.
  2. Keep Your Heart Protected – Extreme temperature is often a cause of heart problems. There are many instances when people suffered a heart attack due to extreme shoveling snow. You need to keep your body warm before you start any activity. Start with a few indoor exercises so that your heart gets ready. As you move out, walk for at least 10 minutes before you start running.
  3. Consider Hypothermia – This is a big risk, no matter how warm you might feel as you start running. If you are sweating, you can develop this threatening condition as you stop movement.
  4. Stay away from street – In winters the running surface is quite challenging. The path tends to become slippery and dangerous. You might lose your balance quickly. Do not take the streets. Pavements are safer for running than roads. Roads get too slippery due to snow and ice. You might just slip and fall and injure yourself.
  5. Keep Your Feet Protected – Footwear is extremely important when you are running. You can use a cross trainer than a running shoe. Stability as well as traction as important factors which need to be considered. If you have the right shoes, navigation gets easier and you can move freely in the snow and ice.  Runners are usually fond of minimalistic soft shoes which help in weight reduction. However, many experts believe that this is a less restrictive shoe. These lightweight shoes might be comfortable, but they fail to properly guard against the different elements. Your feet will look forward to a bit of warmth in this time of the year.

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