Can Damaged Cartilage Be Fixed?

Cartilage is quite an incredible substance. It is quite flexible and strong at the same time. Adults have the ability to move their bones without causing any injury.

cartilage-repairHowever, while taking care of the bones, the cartilage can also get damages. The problem is that in case of adults, the articular cartilage doesn’t regrow. It doesn’t heal on its own, since there are no blood vessels. Oxygenated red blood cells are not able to reach the damaged tissues.

In the recent times, experts have found a few ways by which damage to the cartilage can be repaired or the cartilage can be regenerated. It is also known that a small kind of transplant is also possible.

These treatment methods are usually applicable to any joint which has articular cartilage; these are generally used in case of knee joint.

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Is Your Neck Injury Causing Shoulder Pain Too?

Several people face shoulder and neck pain at the same time. This is often referred to as ‘shneck pain’ by experts, which means shoulder and neck pain. Keep reading to know how your neck injury can cause your shoulder pain and what you can do about this pain.

If you got a neck injury, why does your shoulder hurt too?

You need to know that there are many nerves which begin in the neck and they run through the arms. If you happen to injure on such nerve in the neck, the pain can radiate to the shoulders. It can also slowly move down to the arms. This kind of pain is said to be a referred pain. This is a pain which is felt in a body part, which is not its original source. Often, a pain which starts in the neck is felt in shoulder. I have a mate who experienced this first hand as a result of his working environment. He runs Towing Werribee so sits in a tow truck for the most part of his day. Due to his poor posture whilst slouched behind a wheel for the greater part of 8 hours a day, 6 days a week he developed a pain in his neck. A few weeks later, left untreated this pain started to radiate down to his shoulders and no amount of pain killers gave him ease. The end result was intensive physiotherapy for 3 months and a long list of exercises he can do throughout the day behind the wheel of a tow truck.


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