Shin Splints – All You Need To Know

Let us first understand what shin splints are!

Shin splints can be said to be a broad title, which includes a number of pains which can affect the shin area. Shin splints also known as medial tibial stress syndrome (MTSS) is a common condition occurring in soldiers and runners. However, it can happen to anyone else also. The main cause of this problem is shoes – if you walk in shoes for a long duration of time, you can face the condition.

Why does this occur? One of the reasons is that when we walk for prolonged periods in our shoes, the tendons and muscles usually rub against the shin bone. This leads to an inflammation. It is also said to be a friction burn, which is a bit more intense. The pain in the shin is quite difficult and causes a lot of discomfort in people.

There are a few things which need to be taken into account with MTSS. If you are feeling a pain in the shin, remember that you should not train this pain. If you do this, the inflammation shall increase further and it will become unbearable. If you have an injury and you train for a long time, it is going to aggravate further and cause more discomfort.

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5 Best Tips For Winter Runners

Winter can be a difficult time for runners. The severity of the weather compels many of us to take a break. Many runners just jump on the treadmill instead of venturing out. However, in case of some avid runners, they will simply move out, irrespective of the snow and ice.

How To Run Smart In Winter:

Running can be fun when you have all the protection so that you do not injure yourself or get sick. Here are some quick tips.

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