Dr TG Dealer is a serial runner, athlete and hobbyist sports masseur. The alias Dr TG Dealer is just that, an alias, with Thom Grey not actually being a qualified doctor, simply an experienced old hand when it comes to sporting injuries and sports medicine. The information on this website should not replace professional medical advice, as per our disclaimer.

With a running career spanning almost 40 years now, Thom Grey has suffered almost every running injury known to man, he’s undergone surgery, hours and hours of physiotherapy, used the R.I.C.E technique more times than many and now uses his experiences to craft this blog Dr TG Dealer. The deal on sports injuries and recovery.

Thom’s passions include sharing his vast knowledge with the interwebs and trying to make a difference to those who might be suffering from a sporting injury or struggling to fully recover. Check out the blog for the latest read…